wichita maternity photographer: carrie and her family in a golden blooming field

I’m so glad I took my allergy medicine the morning of the Swartz’ family shoot…because POLLEN.

But even more so grateful for families that let me tag along on the adventures of their life as they add babies and love to their families, time and time again.

And this field of golden blooms, well, that’s icing on the cake.

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wichita maternity photographer: claire and finley

Thank you universe and Google for bringing my sweet friend Claire into my life, when she was searching for a maternity photographer while pregnant with Finley, four years ago.  I’ve watched this beautiful mother-daughter relationship develop between the two of them and was over the moon to photograph them at a time that we thought would be about four weeks before baby brother arrived.  But he came only a few days later, making these moments captured even sweeter.

Baby Dawes was prayed for so so much. For weeks, months, and years. And so to see my friend just radiant with anticipation and love from within, well, it was just the most heartwarming thing to witness.

So happy for you, Watson family!


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wichita baby photographer: madeleine at one year

After what seemed like weeks of rain, the sun finally shown.  And boy did it ever.

Sweet Madeleine just days after her first birthday, completely adored by her parents.

Just precious!

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wichita portrait photographer: kayla

Monday was one of those evenings that filled up my cup. Kayla (of Kayla Capture) was in town meeting up with photog friends and taking some time to let her mind and photography breathe. Gosh, I admire her for that! I needed to location scout, and she was a doll to come along with me AND let me photograph her while I looked a hot mess after being with the kids and doing housework + cooking dinner all day. Such is life.

Darn it when the sun goes down and you want to keep talking!

That cool light just after sunset though. Wowza on this beauty.

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wichita family photographer: fox fox fox fox

Kelly and Preston have two of the most gorgeous, fun kids EVER.  Gunnar smiled at me literallyyyyyy the entire time I was at their home, and Parker brings the fun wherever she goes.  To another level.  Like wild and crazy fun, guys.

Preston asked if I had ever met a kid louder and crazier than her to which I replied, YES.  Because have you met my son Henry?!

It will be quite the achievement to raise these FUN kids and get them off to college.

But it will be an even bigger achievement to keep them from ever meeting because if they find each other in Aggieville during their time in Manhattan, they will burn. the. place. dowwwwwn.

Always a pleasure, Fox fam!


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