Bethany and Her Boys Along the Shoreline

I’ve learned so incredibly much from my insanely talented friend, Bethany.

She has completely opened herself to me and inspires me daily.  Daily!

Her photography, her passion for a meaningful, peaceful life, her ability to see the beauty in anything, in everyone, in everywhere.

But the way she mothers is possibly the most inspiring.

She’s such a calm force for her boys, for her family.

She’s always present in the moment and doesn’t let the little things rattle her.

And she leads with such a full heart.  You can feel it in these images, and I know her heart will feel full when she looks at these in the years to come.

We made these images by the deep blue shoreline and shot well beyond when the sun dipped below the horizon.

Her boys threw rocks, and made their way exploring, adventuring, finding the best sticks, and saying, “for you Mommy!” ever so proudly, and eventually they made their way back home to her.

And we all left with full hearts.

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a mama and her girls

I loved watching this sister duo interact with their sweet mama on the Kansas plains.

Those girls are at their best when they’re in Maria’s arms.

She’s their home.

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at home with jill and isla

Jill and I were introduced through a mutual friend who thought we’d hit it off.

Jill is also a fab local photographer, and my friend though we had similar styles which is a huuuuge compliment because Jill’s house is waaaay cuter than mine.  Ha.

But she is right about the hitting it off part.

We met for coffee one day when both of us miraculously had sitters lined up, and it was so refreshing talking shop and Wichita and everything else in between.

She’s due with her second baby girl early this fall and asked me to come and share an afternoon with she and Isla, preserving this time that only they share, these normal moments that are integrated into their every day right now, that don’t feel like much, but are actually the most important.

All of these every day, unnoticed moments actually add up to be the big moments, the little things we’ll miss when these babies of ours are grown.

The flattering imitation, the way they sit upon your lap.  The way they look at you like you’re their entire world.

Because you are.

I see that, and it feels important to share with you.

To see you like your children do.

And so, the way Isla sees her mama, Jill, below.


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gowns and crowns in the summer light: the sams family

This family of three, about to be four, is just bursting with beauty and excitement as they anticipate the arrival of sweet baby brother.  He’ll be here in a matter of weeks, maybe even days, and they’re both soaking up their last moments of having an only and relishing in the dream of what’s to come.

They played and loved in the dreamiest summer evening light, and let me photograph their movements and interactions and playfulness that’s unique and special to their family.

It’s my favorite way to photograph families – authentic, emotive and timeless.

And flower crowns.  Always flower crowns.


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a trio of sisters in an overgrown summer field

I love the glowy haze in these, so indicitive of the incredible muggy night I met the Allen family and photographed this darling trio of sisters together.

Those three stole my heart with their sweet moments together, giggles, but especially the way they loved their mama.


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