wichita family photographer: the goods

I love a good everyone-look-at-the-camera-and-smile-like-you-mean-it-photo as much as anyone else I know, but you know what I love about taking family photos for people the most?

Capturing these moments where you can just feel and see how much love there is in these relationships.

And when I look at these, I can tell just how much precious Emmett is to his parents.

The way they smile at him, with so much pride and joy.  The way they care for him.

It’s more than just a memory now; it’s something he can see forever.

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wichita family photographer: six

Another family of six.

On another beautiful day.

And I just keep feeling thankful for the most wonderful clients.

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wichita family photographer: the watsons

Sugar and spice and everything nice…that’s what Finley is made of.

And those pink boots.

Every time I see her stomping around in them I just want to swoop her up and squeeze her.

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wichita family photographer: 2 + 2 + 2

One of my favorites so far this fall.

This family showed up with energy, and love, and a playfulness that comes so natural to them.

But when two becomes two more with a pair of four-legged friends, and then quickly becomes two more in the last two years, there’s so much to love.

As anyone knows that’s been there before, love doesn’t divide. It grows.

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wichita baby photographer: landon

Those baby blues and incredible lashes are a force to be reckoned with.

Even in the middle of the night during bouts of teething.

Or so I hear.

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