wichita family photographer: bring the dogs

So many people when booking their shoots ask if it’s okay to bring their dogs.


And if your shoot more or less focuses on the dogs?


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wichita family photographer: the wilkstens

When a client and I decide to shoot at a family’s home, and it’s always special because they’re in their own environment.  It’s always a bit thrilling not knowing exactly what I’m going to see when my GPS leads me to my destination.  But when you show up and they have gorgeous tall grass, and the evening give us light like this…well, you smile a bit more and don’t want the sun to go down.

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wichita family photographer: extended

Grab your family, and your siblings, and their families, and let’s do this.

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wichita children’s photographer: lauren kate

Almost two and full of sunshine and spunk.

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wichita family photographer: the sauers


Note to self:

Have two more kids.

Dress them like this.

Adore them like this.

Raise a family like this.

Love them like this.

I mean, really.

I had the biggest smile on my face as soon as I saw this incredible family of six strolling up to our meeting spot.  And it never left.

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