wichita newborn photographer: penelope rose

In a houseful of blue, Penelope Rose is going to make quite a splash in pink.  She will be adored and doted on by those darling brothers before her.

Just the loveliest surprise, waiting to find out your baby’s gender until his/her arrival.  And even more special when you think she is going to be a he.

Lindsey and Ryan, she’s just want you wanted, just what your family needed, just the way it was meant to be.


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Beverly Rosell - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family … Thanks for sharing!!

wichita newborn photographer: hudson

and then there were four.

welcome to the world sweet hudson henry!

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wichita baby photographer: elena

Sweet girl Elena.

Those blue eyes are killer, and they are either going to get you in a lot of trouble when you’re older or get you out of a lot of trouble when you are older.

I think your parents are prepared either way.


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wichita newborn photographer: harrison

Sally always gives me the best gift as a photographer/friend/client…total trust to capture the most significant moments in her family’s life…and the introduction of Harrison Charles is just another chapter in their storybook.  Meet their most handsome son.

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wichita newborn photographer: margaret rose

There were flurries caught in the blustery wind outside the windows, puddles left over from the day before of constant rain, but inside this family was cozy, warm and in awe of their newest member.

Pretty in pink, Maggie.

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