wichita children’s photographer: maren

When you call your client a few hours before the shoot, and it’s supposed to be 100 degrees, and you decide to let her play in the water for most of the shoot…with bubbles…in the front yard.

That’s pretty great.

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wichita family photographer: nick, trish and joey

Can I get a warm fireball sunset at every one of my shoots?

With a family as lovely as this?

Match made.

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wichita baby photographer: henry c

Just because Kourtney told me she likes crying baby pictures…be sure to scroll to the bottom.


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wichita family photographer: motherhood

Motherhood feels vulnerable and blissful.  Calm and chaotic.  Overwhelming and simple.  Connected and alone.

Invigorating and exhausting.  Full and dependent.

And often times all in one day.

But sometimes, it feels exactly like this.

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wichita senior photographer: megan

I’ve been loving really high contrast black and white lately.  It’s not my normal editing preference, as my clients know to expect a lot of vibrant color from me.

Even so, it’s a look I’m experimenting with.

And my cousin Megan’s senior photos lent a lot of great shots that were just begging to be in black and white.


Like her.

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