wichita senior photographer: sammi

Sammi | East High Class of 2016

And could she be any cooler/lovelier/gorgeous inside and out/photogenic/stylish/and kind of just the best?

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wichita baby photographer: harrison and his girls

Sessions like these have my heart.

Capturing a mama at home with her babies, like I just let myself in the front door and found her in one of her best mothering moments.

The ones where it feels good and lovey and snuggly and giggly and you aren’t worried about laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning, or work.

Just fully breathing in the moment and the season of being someone’s everything, and the irony of that they’ll always be yours.

Lots of love to Sally, sweet Harrison, and one of the bestest big sisters, Caroline.

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wichita family photographer: the wettas

When you haven’t blogged a shoot in months, instead trading computer time for newborn snuggles, wiping spit up after spit up, building towers with toddlers, fixing countless snacks, meals, owies, and meltdowns, changing 1,354,987 diapers, and doing nearly that many loads of laundry.  Professionally, the work hasn’t stopped, but instead of blogging immediately after sending off another gallery with a hug and a kiss to each of the families I work with, I’ve been reading stories and making faces at that sweet newborn that doesn’t look like much of a newborn anymore.

But I sent off this gallery last night, and when the location looks like this, and the family acts like this, and my three babies are all napping away…well, it must be blogged.

Wetta family, you are exactly the gems the camera makes you out to be.  You make the pleasure all mine.  Truly.



sarah These are beautiful! Would you mind if I asked where these were taken?

alimoore Oh thank you! And not at all! Although I don’t have a super great description. The location was actually secured through the client, through friends of a friend. But generally, it’s around Clearwater, KS.

wichita newborn photographer: isla sloane

Sweetest baby girl.

I’ll come back and snuggle you any day.

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wichita family photographer: the carsons

Summer time, when the livin’ is easy.

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