wichita newborn photographer: harrison

Sally always gives me the best gift as a photographer/friend/client…total trust to capture the most significant moments in her family’s life…and the introduction of Harrison Charles is just another chapter in their storybook.  Meet their most handsome son.

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wichita newborn photographer: margaret rose

There were flurries caught in the blustery wind outside the windows, puddles left over from the day before of constant rain, but inside this family was cozy, warm and in awe of their newest member.

Pretty in pink, Maggie.

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wichita baby photographer: george six-months

Ummm, George in that little old man hat at the end?

The cutest.

Along with his dark eyes, lashes, gummy grin…

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wichita baby photographer: graham six-months

The cutest little peanut baby boy, snuggled in with his mama, brother and sister, and best bud, Buster.

That’s a pretty good day, I’d say.

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wichita family photographer: i carry your heart

A good friend (also a photographer) and I are in the thick of raising kids, running households and run-from-home-businesses.

To be completely honest, humbled, and exposed here…it’s a lot.

And while everything takes the back seat in a while, running the course of priorities changing right along with the various seasons of life, what had taken a back seat for quite a while was shooting for ourselves.  Which is completely backwards as documenting our own lives, and what inspires us daily to go out and make beautiful photographs for our clients, is our own families.

And so, over a playdate at the park, we decided to launch a collective blog for fellow photographer moms that needed an extra push just like us, something to hold us accountable and inspire us again to pick up and start shooting regularly and consistently at home more.  The very place that inspired many of us to become photographers in the first place.

Follow our blog, I Carry Your Heart, this labor of love, that shares weekly posts from mothers around the country that are capturing an intimate look at what it feels like to see these little babies grow up before our eyes from behind our cameras.


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