wichita family photographer: motherhood

Motherhood feels vulnerable and blissful.  Calm and chaotic.  Overwhelming and simple.  Connected and alone.

Invigorating and exhausting.  Full and dependent.

And often times all in one day.

But sometimes, it feels exactly like this.

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wichita senior photographer: megan

I’ve been loving really high contrast black and white lately.  It’s not my normal editing preference, as my clients know to expect a lot of vibrant color from me.

Even so, it’s a look I’m experimenting with.

And my cousin Megan’s senior photos lent a lot of great shots that were just begging to be in black and white.


Like her.

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wichita newborn photographer: mora


There are three things I most definitely know about you after meeting you on Sunday.

1. You are a carbon copy of your big brother.  In the most girlish way.

2. You sure have your parents smitten.

3. And you have impeccable aim.

And we’ll leave it at that.

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wichita family photographer: the smiths

I love when the stars align for shoots.

For example…

…one entire family back in town for the 4th of July weekend.  Including two GIANT, and loveable dogs (as the best dogs are).

A happy tot.

A happy family.

A smiley, laughing, loving family.

A dairy barn with scenes galore.

And a perfect summer’s eve, with just a touch of wind, warm soft air, and a big golden sun.

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wichita baby photographer: will

Will is as darling as they come, and I know his parents think so too because I talk to his mama about it at least weekly.

Lauren and I have been best friends since college, and I know she and Chris think they’re the lucky ones to have a son like Will.

And they are.

But Will is equally as lucky to Chris and Lauren as his parents.

Because as darling as Will is, they are kind and patient and loving and adoring and all of the things he will grow up to admire.

Love you guys!

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