wichita photographer: april 365

Hey, hey, hey…look at me slowly, but surely catching up on personal work.

I missed shooting nine days in April.  Yikes.

I’ve promised myself to finish May out strongly, and then get reinvigorated for this summer.

I can do it, I can do it.  And I want to do it.

I started this project to develop myself, but more so now I’ve fallen in love with intimacy of these monthly snapshots.  Moments I typically may not have captured or shared are now mine forever.

April 2016


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wichita photographer: march 365

I alluded to the reality of having three kids, three and under (for just a few more days…someone is about to turn the big four!) on my personal blog, and there are a lot of days…too many days really, when we’re in the middle of the post-dinnertime hustle (you know the one…clearing the table, cleaning the kitchen, bathing the kids, wriggling jammies onto squirming kids, reading, tucking in, and then letting the big kids back out for one more potty break because they always seem to just haaaave to go right after they’ve been put to bed whether they just went two minutes prior or not), and I realize I haven’t even thought about my camera or been inspired to shoot that day, and then I promise myself tomorrow.

And then hopefully, tomorrow it happens, and I need to make tomorrow happen during these upcoming summer months because there were quite a few missed days in March, April, and here May is almost gone too.

I haven’t realized in the midst of it, but this little 365 project is giving me a little time capsule of our everyday life from 2016.  So many things that happen every day, otherwise overlooked are now captured forever.

Our March, below.


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wichita newborn photographer: lucas

I had a flurry of newborn shoots this spring, and I’m not complaining about it.

At all.

Because marveling at each little newborn miracle and hearing their sweet newborn noises and capturing their sleepy smiles and just the way they have become their parents’ entire world…well, that just doesn’t ever get old.

My summer is filling up, and I’m already booking booking booking my fall up.  If you or someone you know is expecting, please reach out quickly so we can chat about how to preserve these precious moments in your family’s life.


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wichita photographer: love of character’s calligraphy class!

Earlier this spring my good friend Mary (of Love of Character here in Wichita) partnered up with Caddy (of Caddy Corner Designs from Dallas, Texas) and offered a couple of calligraphy classes.

I’ve always loved handwriting and was immediately really excited to try my hand (pun intended) at learning this new skill.

I was thinking I could use my new calligraphy skills to hand address our Christmas cards this year…

…aaaaand that’s probably not going to happen.  Ha!

I have had the hardest time finding a chance to practice what Caddy taught us, plus it would seriously take me days upon days upon days to scroll out everyone’s deets.

I’m definitely no expert and pretty slow when it comes to stringing letters together correctly.

And I’m pretty sure the highly-stainable ink would end up somewhere on my light colored couches…because #kids.

But it was such a fun afternoon, and I would totally sign up again when they host a second round of classes. Mary hosted us in her home and her space was decked out as always with just the best, brightest, cheeriest details.

I am just so proud of her and cannot wait for her little shop to open.

She really is the hostest with the mostest.

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wichita newborn photographer: madeleine

I got to photograph so many new babies in the month of April, and the daintiest was Madeleine.

We spent a lot of time in her nursery where I oohed and ahhed over their vintage map and tried to figure out how I could pack it into my car without them noticing.  Ha.

But mostly, I was just enamored with how wonderful M & K were with her already.  All the sweet whispers and snuggles…what that dreamy, sleepy newborn phase should be all about.

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