wichita newborn photographer: isla sloane

Sweetest baby girl.

I’ll come back and snuggle you any day.

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wichita family photographer: the carsons

Summer time, when the livin’ is easy.

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wichita baby photographer: penny

Let’s meet crazy early in the morning on top of that parking garage and make sure we get all of Penny’s expressions and shoot as the sun rises over the city.

Yes, let’s.

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wichita baby photographer: george

Because sometimes you turn one, and you really don’t want your picture taken and you really make your parents and photographer work for it.

Like sweating, work for it.

Not that I’ve heard that happens or anything.

Oh George.

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wichita baby photographer: graham

When you’re the baby of the family, and you only want your mom to hold you…well…she does.

Little peanut boy Graham.

I have a feeling you have more than just this trick up your sleeve.

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