wichita baby photographer: the warm sunny summer evening Lincoln William came into this world

Oh gosh, to say I was completely humbled when Erin (of Erin Kate Photography) asked me to consider photographing the birth of her third child would be an understatement.  Humbled and anxious.  I knew I would be completely inspired by her strength and vulnerability bringing life into this world, but I’ve previously shied away from birth photography because frankly, the logistics are a nightmare for this mama of three with zero family in town, and a hubby that can’t be my backup should I get called away in the middle of the night, in the middle of school pickup, tball practice dropoff, etc.

So when Erin ended up having a scheduled induction, and my in-laws could come and spend the entire day with my crew, our stars had aligned, and I was incredibly blessed to behind the camera when Lincoln William came earth-side.

I’m reminded after every birth story I hear, witness, experience or am told, about what an absolute miracle each child really is.


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wichita baby photographer: Madeline and Elsie in Emerald Grass and Flowers

It’s families like this one that make me just so incredibly grateful and humbled that I have a job I just adore.

Capturing your most precious moments, the details of fine baby hairs, squinty eye smiles, the wonderment of childhood, the feeling of just how much you love these babies caught in a single moment of time.

It’s just the best.


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wichita baby photographer: vivian turns one!

Vivian turned one, and during one of her mama’s stay-at-home days we gathered her big sis and bro and played in her backyard over the noon hour.  These sibling are just the sweetest, and they have the best infections smiles!  I can SO relate to Charese and her husband as their three are pretty much the same ages as my children so they get my daily CHAOS.  And I get theirs.  😉

Vivian, you look like a little fairy in that dress and flower crown headband, and I could just scoop you up!  So precious.

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wichita family photographer: lucas is one!

It seems like I was just meeting this sweet couple for their newborn shoot, and yet here we are celebrating Lucas’s first birthday!

Time goes so quickly, but one thing has stayed the same.  This little boy has always been such a darling, smiley guy!

Happy ONE, cute boy!

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wichita family photographer: where laura and nate watched their three in rows of wheat

Does it get better than this?  I ask myself that a lot lately, even after the hard days with my own three kids at home.  This is pretty great, this season of life.

And when you strip everything away and just take a night to celebrate your blessings by being together, in a gorgeous emerald wheat field no less, it feels pretty amazing.

Two red-headed little girls in pink plus a boy with a twinkle in his eye that I’ve gotten to photograph since he was a 7lb newborn baby, doesn’t hurt, either.

Mucho love, Hands family!  You know I adore you!


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