wichita newborn photographer: penelope june

If you’re no stranger to my blog, you’re no stranger to seeing Jill as I’ve shared photos I’ve made with her before.

She’s just a gem, and she makes capturing this season of life for her easy.  Before to a mama of one, and now two.

Her family of four below, in their first week of life with the sweetest baby girl, Penelope June.

Lots of cuddles, lots of oohing at this precious new life, lots of encouragement, and lots of love.

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wichita family photographer: the meysenburgs adventuring in the flint hills

Oh gosh, where to begin!

You’ve seen Bethany and her family here before…

2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2016

…and I feel like these shoots are always such a highlight of my year.  She pushes me to be better, riskier, truer in my work, and at the same time, is my biggest cheerleader.  So at our shoot this year, I shot for her AND for myself to tell the story of her family, adventuring in the Flint Hills, in the late warm afternoon fall sun, being present, being free, and being together.

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Fall Styling with Huck and Leni + Hair by Libby T

Let’s take a teeny break from family sessions to talk about what a fun evening I had with Lindsey of Huck and Leni and Libby (#hairbylibbyt) from Sugar Salon earlier this summer.  Lindsey writes for Wichita Moms Blog with me and wanted to give mamas out there easy tips for transitioning some of their fave summer pieces into their fall wardrobe.  Such a breath of fresh air working with other creative-minded women, and Lindsey and Libby’s work was on point that night.  As much as I loooove summer, I so enjoy living in a place where we get to experience a true four seasons…if for nothing else, getting to change up my wardrobe.

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A Sweet Pair of Siblings in Gorgeous Early Fall Flowers

It’s a dreary and rainy out, and as par for the course, I’m both loving it (for the slower pace, the cooler temps, the chance to wear a sweater, and think of soups to start simmering on the stove), and longing for some sunshine.  The thunder keeps rumbling as I’m waiting for my kiddos to fall asleep for naps, and so I’ll post this beaming golden evening light session to be the bright spot in this grey day.

This family was the cutest, and I just loved all of their sweet interactions.  Young families are in this season of doing, and caring for, and finding their way as one stage quickly unfolds into the next, and those are the very reasons I love preserving this stage for them.  Sometimes you (and by that I mean I) get wrapped up in surviving the day to day that it seems like of course you’d never forget the little things each of your children is doing now, but before you know it, you have.

Big belly laughs, and dimpled hands, and sweet cuddles all captured for the H family forever and ever, below.

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expecting baby brother, captured in a field of wild kansas sunflowers

Brooks’ baby brother will be here any day now, but not before we documented some of the last days of this family of three before they become four.

We met in a field of wild Kansas sunflowers, just as their vibrant yellow petals were starting to fall back to the earth, and let big bro explore, run, jump and adventure, just as toddlers do.  He stole the show, except for when Amy and I got a bit of time just the two of us to capture this sweet time for her, and then the sun plus, plus the flowers, plus her gorgeous baby bump really just made for a stunning moment.

Can’t wait for this fam to meet their newest!

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