wichita family photographer: chasing the sun with the flurry family

Oh, the details in these!  Claire’s sweet curls, smelling roses, looking for flowers, nose kisses, and following the sun until it set for the night.  These are my most favorite moments, and I just adored capturing them for this family.  All of those ways these littles laughed and loved, perfect moments that represent this stage of life.

Ahhhh, this fall has been good to me.

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wichita family photographer: the litzners in the late summer prairie

Back when blooms were still bursting, and the heat was a bit sweltering, and the bugs kept swarming (yuck!), this gorgeous fam and I strolled through the prairie and let these kids be little. My favorite type of shoot because Lindsey said, you do your thing. That filtered down to the kids, and they ran and picked wildflower bouquets, and laughed and loved, and despite the mosquito bites, it was a pretty perfect night.

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wichita family photographer: the heberts

I just loved the evening I spent with this family, walking through the sunlit prairie and talking about kids and life and their little one on the way.  Plus, their kids being the sweeeeetest sure didn’t hurt.  I think I told them we were done like three times and then kept changing my mind because their family dynamic and the light that night were just so inspiring.  See for yourself.  😉

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Wichita Family Photographer: A Walk through the Cotton in the Brisk of Fall

I adore adore ADORE this family.  So much.

Ang and Gabe are always up for an adventure, and I knew they’d be the perfect family to take out to this amazing cotton field my friend found for me through family connections in the rural area she grew up in.  Thank goodness for modern day technology because I’m not great at farmer directions…”a left at the station, and about 3/4 miles after that by the red barn…”  Except for modern day technology DID actually fail us because it took two dropped pins to get the Greens and I in the same place.

Worth it because, well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

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wichita newborn photographer: harvey makes six

Oh gosh, I’m probably a broken record, because every time I photograph this family I just can’t help but think what a stellar dynamic they have and what an authentic, real, amazing group they are.

So I’m going to keep spinning the same tune because they are stellar and amazing and authentic, and I’m just always so humbled and pleased they ask me back time and time again.

Welcome, Harvey!  You’re going to fit right in.


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