wichita family photographer: fox fox fox fox

Kelly and Preston have two of the most gorgeous, fun kids EVER.  Gunnar smiled at me literallyyyyyy the entire time I was at their home, and Parker brings the fun wherever she goes.  To another level.  Like wild and crazy fun, guys.

Preston asked if I had ever met a kid louder and crazier than her to which I replied, YES.  Because have you met my son Henry?!

It will be quite the achievement to raise these FUN kids and get them off to college.

But it will be an even bigger achievement to keep them from ever meeting because if they find each other in Aggieville during their time in Manhattan, they will burn. the. place. dowwwwwn.

Always a pleasure, Fox fam!


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wichita newborn photographer: hartley evans

This bitty little baby girl has brought this new family of five so much joy and peace already, and I just couldn’t be more thrilled for Vanessa and her fam.  Hartley is proof of the power of prayer, and her presence just lights up her parents’ faces.

I think they’ll keep her.


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wichita baby photographer: caroline + fam

It has been such a privilege getting to see Elizabeth grow these last three years and now getting to document Caroline behind her brings me so much joy!

They are just the sweetest sisters together, and I love the moments shared between the two of them.  They are just the brightest light in this beautifully tailored home.


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wichita maternity photographer: kenzie and the boys

You know what’s funny?

People are often hesitant about shooting in their own homes. About it not being “quite done” or having the best light or feeling like it has to be clean enough for a queen.

It’s funny because there are always beautiful spots to shoot, pockets of light to be celebrated, and closets to throw the clutter in. Ha!

But most importantly, your home is your sanctuary, as undone as it is. It’s where you do a lot of loving, care for the ones that matter the most above anything else in the whole world within those walls, and really actually live. It’s almost always the perfect spot to shoot in because it’s authentic and valuable and important to your story.

And those pockets of light…well, I definitely celebrated them in this home.


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wichita newborn photographer: leighton

Sweetest, cuddliest little Leighton, on a chilly late winter day.

She was so content snuggled up, and this felt so accurate to those first few days and weeks of settling into a new family of three…when one parent holds her, the other is nearby, soaking in what feels like a dream, but is indeed true…

…this amazing new life is actually yours.


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