wichita newborn photographer: ella

I had vivid flashbacks during this shoot as it’s the third time we’ve swaddled up this sweet family’s newest bundle of joy and had everyone cozy up on the bed to be take in the amazing miracle of new life, oohed and ahhed over dainty little noses, been completely smitten by fuzzy little shoulders, and just mesmerized by the rise and fall of such a perfect and precious little being.

Sweet Ella, you are one lucky and loved little lady, completely adored and welcomed with open arms.


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wichita motherhood photographer: a sink bath

Mamas provide this innate feeling of security in the little things they do for their family without even knowing they are doing them.

Snuggles for comfort, hands for reassurance, smiles for encouragement and praise and adoration.

These natural gestures that mean so much, that are so bountiful, yet almost unrecognized in the day-to-day flurry of mothering.

And it’s all of these moments, so special yet normal, so dignified yet nearly unnoticed, that give us what we need just by settling into her arms…home.

The way he holds onto her dress, her hand on his back should he need her, the sense of calm she provides just by being near.

She’s his home.

More beautiful words here from Sally herself about why she values photos with her children, mothering and loving, so very much.

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wichita baby photographer: isla

Baby Isla…growing like a weed, but prettier than any flower we lingered upon.

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wichita motherhood photographer: lindsey of huck & leni

No matter how strongly I feel this calling to motherhood, no matter how high the good days feel, no matter how important the work, no matter how selfless I’ve needed to become, no matter how deep down I know I’m doing my best…

there are still moments when doubt creeps in.

Feelings of not doing enough, not being present enough, not being patient enough, not being the mother I thought I would be, but instead being the mother I am.

I’m realizing regardless of whether you’re a mother to one or five, to a newborn or adult children, it’s always a season of learning.  Of trying to be the parent your child needs in that moment.

Of apologizing when you weren’t what you wanted to be, and trying better tomorrow.

And surely if this is true for me, is it also true for you?

The love you pour into your families, the way you kiss skinned knees, and rock babies to sleep, and nourish your family, the way you make them feel important and safe and loved

the way you mother…it’s intimate, and breathtaking, and beautiful.

I felt this pull in my work to do something for the mamas, to give them the encouragement and peace, to be seen and understood, to be appreciated and cherished.

To photograph what you do best, in the space you’ve created to make memories, to raise your family, where love happens every day in little moments you may not even realize are happening.

I created The Beauty of Motherhood series to show a mother simultaneously she is beautiful in the eyes of her family in the way she loves and is loved.

Lindsey of Huck & Leni below, documented in her every day, loving and well loved.

(And be sure to catch her piece about our collaboration here.)

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wichita senior photographer: alexis

Capturing this fleeting moment of one chapter almost completed and another about to begin,

and all the while, her mom wondering how one moment she was four years old and in the blink of an eye she’s 18.

Wishing Lexie all the best in the remainder of her senior year and in all her years to come.

The world is at your fingertips, lovely!

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