wichita family photographer: a family of four, down by the river

These are the faces of friends that have become more like family to us. They’ve been there to welcome each of our babies, baptisms, birthdays, jobs. We’ve vacationed with them, camped with them, tailgated with them. They spent an entire Saturday helping us move everything we owned into our new house, scrubbed our old house with us, and didn’t complain once.

We adore you guys, and we love doing life with you!


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wichita family photographer:

This family.

Friends that have celebrated new babies with us, new jobs, new houses, Friday nights, Saturday nights, and Sunday nights, texted pick-me-ups during the week, and been there to talk through hard times and life and what’s to come, traveled with us, cooked with us, drank with us, and just done life with us over the past six years (or has it been seven?).

They’re a good one.

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wichita family photographer: A Boho Mama and Her Loves

Barefoot babes, those deep blue eyes, and all that blonde hair.  Ummmm, cutest little trio of kids and just the loveliest parents.  Wichita welcomes you!  These five are new transplants to our quaint city, and I’m so excited to see this family around town…I have a feeling we’re going to be running into each other at the park, our fave donut shop, the zoo, etc.

Get settled in…I’m totally oversharing this family because as I texted Whitney during an editing session, she’s amazing with her family!

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wichita family photographer: the carter five

Maybe I said this last time after Brittany and Jimmy’s family session, and maybe I’ll say it again.  Why can’t we live in the same cityyyyyyyyy?!  Catching up with Brittany is good for my soul, and I can just relate to her on so many levels of parenthood, life, wifing, etc.  Girl, we need more face-to-face time…maybe a trip?  Let’s chat about that.  😉

These three kiddos are a HOOT, and not short of personality in the least bit, but middle Maddie takes the cake.  I mean, scroll to see her pouting at the end of our session, walking without her shoes, and 100% unapologetic about it, and 100% amazing.

I could go on and on!  Without further ado…

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wichita family photographer: daniel boy and his family

I just adore how much this family cherishes baby Daniel, named after Jessie’s father.  Her parents actually tagged along, and we had to get a few moments of them loving on Daniel on camera because it was just so sweet and apparent how happy he makes this entire family.  Those are dedicated grandparents to get up for a summer sunrise session starting before 7am!

Daniel’s hair is ahhhmazing, that toothy smile, a gorgeous sunrise, and all the quiet moments of capturing a parents’ love for their child…it all made for just the best morning.


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