wichita newborn photographer: hudson

This sweet baby boy was such a dream during the rainy morning we spent documenting this love-drunk time in his family’s life.

I am just so happy for this family of three; it’s such a blessing to me to be a witness into how much good and love there is in your families and this was no exception.

Welcome, precious Hudson!

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wichita newborn photographer: harper and big bro pup

Ooooh I have so many just lovely sessions I’ve been keeping all to myself this fall because 1. shoots, 2. editing, 3. travel, 4. kids, 5. school, 6. kids wanting dinner every night – whaaaa?, 7. sleep, 8.you get it.

You really get it!

I have just really enjoyed my time with the H family over the past couple of months, and I especially could not get enough of their pup. I mean, yes. Baby Harper is incredily precious and such a beautiful baby and I could have photographed her for hours more because she was such a dream. But the dog, always nearby and maybe even sulking about his big bro promotion was so funny to me as I was editing.

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wichita family photographer: a family of three in a field of gold

This sweet trio just as cute as can be, chased the sun with me up a hill and found a field of gold – wild sunflowers at the peak of their bloom.

I do believe that’s a tip top night.

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wichita newborn photographer: newborn emily

Sunday seems like the perfect day to share a sweet newborn session. It’s got everything Sunday dreams are made of. Family time, snuggles, books, naps.

Somehow I missed the nap in my own Sunday today, but everything else, check-check-check.

Welcome sweet Emily!

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wichita maternity photographer: waiting on harrison

This family and I had to reschedule maybe three times?!  I honestly lost track…migraine, weather, hmmm, maybe it was just two times. Regardless, we were tempting fate by shooting near Emily’s 39 week mark for maternity pictures, the weather was up against us, and I was like, “what about shooting in your house?”, and then I arrived for our session, and I was like, “OMG why wasn’t this always the plan?!”.  Such a great space, and you just CANNOT beat the intimacy and coziness of shooting in your own home. You’ve poured your heart into your space, making it your own, making it feel like you, and especially in a nursery – the space where your heart is going to grow tenfold.

Just so happy for this now family of three!

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