wichita newborn photographer: leighton

Sweetest, cuddliest little Leighton, on a chilly late winter day.

She was so content snuggled up, and this felt so accurate to those first few days and weeks of settling into a new family of three…when one parent holds her, the other is nearby, soaking in what feels like a dream, but is indeed true…

…this amazing new life is actually yours.


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wichita family photographer: a morning of donuts and coffee

My dear friend Brittany and her crew were in town visiting from Kansas City, and I met them at our favorite donut shop to snag some photos of their family, capturing sweet baby Mikey’s six month mark, plus documenting the hilarious antics of Charlie and Maddie.  Brittany rocks the working mom of three gig.  Like seriously rocks it.  She and Jimmy make an incredible team, and if they could just move to Wichita that’d be great, mkay thanks.  Probablyyyyy not going to happen, but being around them just makes me miss them more!

Until we see each other again!


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wichita family photographer: two parents, two teenage boys + their kid sister

Can we all collectively drool over Kelsey’s killer style, their amaze reno job of this 1940’s charming fixer upper (with more in the works!), but most importantly I may have to have this cool mama on speed dial when my kids are older than four (so like later this year, ha) because she and Jay seem to be doing something right in this parenting gig.

I’m going to invite myself over for coffee soon, k?  😉

A super chill weekend morning shoot capturing this fam talking about their favorite memories together, loving on baby sis, and even giving the ‘rents a couple of moments for themselves too.

These sessions are my jam, peeps!


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wichita newborn photographer: rainbow baby jordy

I went to Kansas City to meet my sweet friend Emily’s newest, Jordy Cade. We piled those rainbow babies on her lap, read books, colored, and talked about their angel baby big brother up in heaven. Life is so precious. It gets bogged down with minutia, and work and to-do’s, and things that really don’t matter, but moments like these are the perfect reminder that this…this is what matters.

These gifts from God teach us so much – about priorities, and compassion, patience, kindness, and love.

Much love, Emily and Adam.


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wichita baby photographer: a baby in a bar

Paige is celebrating her first birthday today so I had to share the afternoon her family and I spent in one of the best local spots, Central Standard Brewing.

Yep, totally a baby in a bar.

And yep, totally loved this family’s dynamic.

Cheers to many more, Paige Belle!

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