one month old dharma

Boys will be boys, and Dharma will be precious, and I’m pretty sure that’s the way things go day in and out for Eli and her sweet family of five.

I love these newborn lifestyle sessions so much because they capture it all, the entire story of having new life in your home.  The quiet snuggly moments, plus the boisterous chaos sandwiched in between another cuddle sesh.  Such is life for a new mom with other children to love and cherish, to laugh with and hug, to mother and raise.  And so are the photos that find the best and most beautiful moments to be remembered from it all.

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wichita photographer: may 365


You were a month of juxtaposition.

The end of Ham’s first year of preschool, the beginning of summer.

Endless days (and inches) of rain, and then bright sunny skies filtering through the trees into our backyard that just happens to become more like an extension of the family room during the spring, summer and fall seasons.

A sit-and-stay baby is now a crawling-everywhere-baby.  And an exploring baby.  And a curious baby.  And a mighty, mighty determined baby.

Long pants every day turned into short pants…or none at all.

A bike rider refusing to let Andrew let go in fear of falling turned a bike rider cruising by us full speed ahead.

A squeaky clean boy covered in sticky gooey marshmallow.

More adventures, more walks, more fire pit nights; less on the calendar.

Summer has always been my favorite season.

The clothes are better, the activities are better, the food is better, and I’d rather be hot than cold any day of the week.

But it’s my favorite now because of the frame of mind…summertime, and the livin’ is easy.

Bring on the livin’.


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wichita maternity photographer: the gregorys in a sea of gold

Ginny’s heart is about to get stolen again, just weeks from having their second baby.

We shared part of a gorgeous early summer evening on their family’s land, in a field of gold, documenting some of their last moments as three and talking about wild first-born boys and parenting and work and life in this season, and shot sweet moments of tenderness and love in between…these treasures worth their weight in gold.

And that moment when their first love meets their second little lovie…well, that will be gold too.

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wichita photographer: april 365

Hey, hey, hey…look at me slowly, but surely catching up on personal work.

I missed shooting nine days in April.  Yikes.

I’ve promised myself to finish May out strongly, and then get reinvigorated for this summer.

I can do it, I can do it.  And I want to do it.

I started this project to develop myself, but more so now I’ve fallen in love with intimacy of these monthly snapshots.  Moments I typically may not have captured or shared are now mine forever.

April 2016


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wichita photographer: march 365

I alluded to the reality of having three kids, three and under (for just a few more days…someone is about to turn the big four!) on my personal blog, and there are a lot of days…too many days really, when we’re in the middle of the post-dinnertime hustle (you know the one…clearing the table, cleaning the kitchen, bathing the kids, wriggling jammies onto squirming kids, reading, tucking in, and then letting the big kids back out for one more potty break because they always seem to just haaaave to go right after they’ve been put to bed whether they just went two minutes prior or not), and I realize I haven’t even thought about my camera or been inspired to shoot that day, and then I promise myself tomorrow.

And then hopefully, tomorrow it happens, and I need to make tomorrow happen during these upcoming summer months because there were quite a few missed days in March, April, and here May is almost gone too.

I haven’t realized in the midst of it, but this little 365 project is giving me a little time capsule of our everyday life from 2016.  So many things that happen every day, otherwise overlooked are now captured forever.

Our March, below.


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