wichita baby photographer: a baby in a bar

Paige is celebrating her first birthday today so I had to share the afternoon her family and I spent in one of the best local spots, Central Standard Brewing.

Yep, totally a baby in a bar.

And yep, totally loved this family’s dynamic.

Cheers to many more, Paige Belle!

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wichita newborn photographer: baby cal in a cozy morning spent at home

A few days between Christmas and New Year’s, where that space is kind of hazy anyways, the G family invited me to come and capture their sweet son’s newness at nearly two weeks old.  He was so sweet and perfectly cozy, while (as older siblings often do) Cate tried her best to steal the show, completely charming me with her twirls and sly grins, quickly learning the magic of good window light and juuuust the right amount of sparkle/dust. Ha!

I feel so lucky to work with families that welcome me into their homes, and let me share in their delight and capture the best of this time.


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wichita motherhood photographer: kristen with her son

I love the reason behind this shoot.

Just because.

For the details.

Since he’s getting so big.

To capture their connection and relationship.

To freeze this stage, to hold onto that last bit of little boy.

To do something just for them.

Kristen’s motherhood shoot below.

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wichita maternity photographer: a boho mama-to-be

The morning I spent with Bianca and Travis was just a delight. Their love and interaction is genuine and pure; they are just over the moon about this sweet little girl about to make them a family of three, Bianca is like a glowing goddess making pregnancy look absolutely out-of-this-world gorgeous, and can we please talk about how gifted she is at curating her incredible home?  I was inspired by it all and could shoot this over and over and over again and not get bored.

I may just have to invite myself back over for coffee again soon.

So happy for you, T family!


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wichita family photographer: a fall fairytale

Possibly my fave family session of the year?!  At least top 3.

It was the most gorgeous late fall afternoon, where the sun literally turned everything to gold. The styling was impeccable.

And the exploring felt like part of a fairy tale in this incredible warm light, with these three little girls leading the way, being so sweet with each other and just loving on their parents.

It truly felt like something special.

This season, this stage, those whispy baby hairs, crinkly nose smiles, gorgeous red curls tumbling down backs, little hands holding onto Blake’s fingers to twirl – all of it frozen in time to come back to these moments days, weeks, years from now to relive together.

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