wichita family photographer: a family of five in the kansas wind, together

By far my windiest session of the year, and it did nothing but favors for us. More movement, yes please. Love when I get adventurous clients that are ready to love up on each other despite what the seasons throw at us. The perfect analogy for families that weather whatever life blows in for them. Stick together and good things unfold.


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wichita family photographer: love and light

It has been cloudy and cool and crisp for a couple of days now so putting a little sunshine into the universe with this warm family, glowing fall evening, and smiles like sunbeams. Twirls upon twirls, the baby strutting through the open prairie, and middle Ben giggling, flying, running, digging, and jumping.

Love and light with this fam, for sure.

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wichita family photographer: the greatest adventure

We created our own little road trip oasis and spent the evening admiring just how darn cute baby GiGi is, and maybe a few moments of my own of wondering, “can I pull of those jeans like Bianca?”.

No, probably not.

This deserted lot was the backdrop to the star, precious Giselle Frances, where her parents just loved on her to pieces, where Grandmama watched on and then jumped in for a few moments with her girls too, to discuss important things like turquoise, and where Travis told me we could not sit on his beloved car.

Well, okay then. Fiiiiiine.

To their greatest adventure of all, Giselle.

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wichita newborn photographer: sweet baby alice

I’ve worked with this family before and spent that session chasing Julia around with her parents so I joked with Kelly that I had an extra cup of coffee to get up to Julia’s level the morning of their session.

And then she wanted to sit on her mom’s lap and cuddle and be the sweetest, gentlest big sister, until she didn’t, and then the Julia that I remembered only running and never walking started warming up to me and showed me her most favorite books, her best twirls, and her adorable smile.

I love the ease of sessions in families’ homes. No need to perform, but just be.


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wichita family photographer: the davis family, in a barren lot, with a sprinkle of flowers

I love how this family shows up.

For each other.

If things aren’t easy, if they feel isolating, if they feel incredible, if they feel fortunate, if they feel hard or challenging or overwhelming. They show up. Because that’s what you do. And they’re resilient and loving and blessed and know it, and they cherish these moments with their kids, and I really admire them.

Thanks for showing up, Davis family.

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