Midwest Eclectic MidCent Remodel

I had the privilege of shooting another one of Midwest Eclectic‘s projects. They worked on an entire midcentury home, and here are the parts selected to photograph. The house is super angular and has such good flow. Love how they kept the midcentury vibe with the wood planked ceiling, cedar beams, slate floors, and copper fireplace detail. Such a job well done.

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Our Remodeled MidCentury Entry

The entry in our house has been on the list to tackle since the day we moved in…and nearly five years later hereeee we are – a mostly-done space that is light and airy and still feels true to the style of the home.

So much of the remodeling process in this house is simplifying without taking too much of the mid century character away.

My favorite part and the biggest impact is for sure the glass double doors. We used to leave our front door open all day to let more light in, and let the dog look out.

Opening the casement opening into our family room has made both spaces feel larger and more inviting. (Although now getting a new sofa is moving up my list of wants because ideally I’d prefer not to have guests looking at the entire back of our sectional right when they come in the door.)

(Forgot to get a true before with the casement still in place so improvised.)

I so desperately wanted to use the vintage terrazzo tile my friend Jenifer scouted for me at a garage sale, but we didn’t have enough accounting for overage so instead I got last minute inspo to use a mosaic pebble white marble, and it was serendipitous because our local Floor and Decor had just enough in stock.

Never fear, I saved the vintage terrazzo for a future project. 😉

I actually didn’t mind the original slate that was in the entry before, but it wasn’t under the carpet in the coat closet that we removed, and I didn’t love it enough to find more to keep it. Speaking of coat closets, I’ve had a couple of people ask when I’ve posted about this project before where we are keeping our coats! We have a v large closet in the hallway that has more than enough storage for them, and we don’t miss the entry closet in the slightest.

I have had the most fun finding pieces to set the tone of our house in the entry.

The white hump console table is a dupe from the cb2 version I looked at for months. I cannot for the life of me remember where I ended up ordering it from, but here she is at another retailer (the price might be a little higher?! I def got free shipping so maybe search for the exact brand/product if you’re looking around for a better deal). So happy with it, and honestly, it’s probably a better option for our fam as the cb2 version has a linen finish, and my kids are not exactly kind to furniture.

The large square art over the table is from Future Ancestor, one of my fave insta follows for vintage finds and art. The second piece across from the table is from Kirsten Shannon. Adore her and her work, and I am thrilled to have one of her pieces!! She does color so well, and I feel like this piece is so her and yet still so me too with my muted tones and neutrals.

Candlesticks are from The Workroom. I actually had a third from Love of Character that was a gorgeous amber tone, and Nelle broke it. Apparently we are not exactly kind to home accessories either lol. (They do however have other fun funky colors in stock so def check them out if you’re more vibrant in your home than me.)

The petrified wood and wood bowl are vintage, books and brass peace hand are from HomeGoods, vase is H&M, and pampas I cut out of my backyard – are you surprised lol. The rug is vintage and one of the first things I bought when we moved into this house from an insta shop which is kind of funny because red is not normally my jam in this house, but somehow it feels more neutral to me here.

When we opened up the casement between the entry and family room I reallllly lobbied for Andrew to widen the casement into the front formal living room, but he was so beyond over drywall at that point that we compromised to at least take off the casement trim.

Still need to touch up that baseboard and move over the Jungalo light fixture (this is similar to ours) I got for Christmas a few years ago, but that last 20% of the project that takes the longest will get done at some point, along with hopefully filling in a few more art pieces.

We’ve come a long way…only a few more rooms to go and then maybe some tweaks in the ones we’ve already done lol.

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An Elegant Bright White Kitchen by Emily Stockton

Here’s a little eye candy for your Wednesday!

Emily Stockton designed this superbly elegant bright white kitchen, and there is so much to love. My favorite parts – the art deco sconces, the mint green details on the island pendant and scalloped runner, and the taj mahal quartzite countertops and backsplash. SO GOOD.

The light spilled in on this classic kitchen the morning of our shoot, and this space was able to shine.

Sources and details after the jump!

backsplash tile – ann sacks made swiss cross
hardware – ashley norton, bauhaus pulls and classic knobs
faucet – newport brass
countertops – MSI Kansas City, Install by The Countertop Place
cabinetry, millwork including new island & swing door – Tony Ferraro, Logan Street
Paint/Stain – Eric Hershberger
Appliances – Metro Appliance
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holiday home tour 2020

I have always been one to wait to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but this year immediately after Halloween I got the itch and felt like we all needed the extra cheer so mid-November I brought up the Christmas tubs from the basement. Mind you, I literally just finished decorating like an hour ago. I mean most of it has been done for at least a week or so, but I just couldn’t fine the right place for the garland I used on my mantle this year and finally decided to hang it asymmetrically above our large wide kitchen window. And then the Command hooks I hung it with fell. Twice. And I had a mini meltdown and then went and got bigger Command hooks and (fingers crossed) the garland is still up.

I didn’t have it in me to shoot the garland AND write this post so instead let’s kick it off with the big girls’ room.

It is like little girl Christmas heaven in there. The dollhouse has trees and garland and twinkle lights. Everything is pink and gold and silver. The tree is from Opal House maybe two years ago at Target, and they hang their own ornaments on there (most are from Trios before it closed and Love of Character…love the felted options for littles!). The wreaths on their beds are from Target two or three years ago, and the garland is the new addition this year from Love of Character. We (as in all four girls in this house) are all obsessed with it.

I must say, I really want to paint their room white and change out their light fixture, and they’re not budging. So for now we just throw pink all over this space and go with it.

Faye’s room has the teeniest bit of decor (kind of the theme of her room…it has been a SLOOOW process putting it together), but I very much dig it.

Nothing in the above photo was in this room last year so overall 100% improvement lol. By the way, I guess I never let y’all know we finished her dresser?! It should also the metal Peace on Earth banner isn’t up anymore becauuuuuse the command strips and hooks (I tried both) fell down. Twice. Lol.

This holiday vibe though. So good. White tassel banner is Hob Lob, white trees are Target earlier this season, but the real heroes of this space are the vintage rattan ornament set my friend Kelly gifted me over the summer and the yellow wood trees (Love of Character).

And last, but certainly not least, our family room. If you’ve followed along on Insta this week you’ve seen (and heard) much of this, but gosh it has brought me so much joy this season.

I’m sure as we continue to renovate our home the holiday decor will evolve and grow. I’m itching to really deck out my dining room, but it currently serves as a dining room/bar/Andrew’s tool overflow storage, and Andrew really wants a tree in our front room so our flocked tree might get a new spot next year. I’ve been on the hunt for a vintage aluminum tree for a couple of years now, and after seeing this pampas beauty I think I can be convinced to switch up the family room next year.

Much love! xo

Family room sources: tree (Hob Lob old), stockings (Pottery Barn old), ribbon for stockings (Joann’s Fabric and Home Goods), paper trees on coffee table books (Love of Character), marble tree (Target old), both sets of hands (Home Goods old), modern trees on mantle (Hob Lob and then spray painted!), vase on mantle (H&M), tree topper (Love of Character), gift wrap (home goods for paper, wooden gift tags are Love of Character), ornaments (various), mini bottle trees (most are Target dollar spot and some Hob Lob), and peace wreath (Sunny Bay Home).

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wichita family photographer: gallery walls

We checked off a major to do that’s been on my list for over two years now – a gallery wall leading down to the basement in our back hallway. It may seem trivial, but it means so much… both literally and figuratively.

For one, it means the wallpaper has been removed, drywall patched and smoothed, walls freshly painted with the same cool, crisp white we’re using throughout our home.

It also means we’re one step closer to getting this space more functional for our family. Andrew’s new year’s resolution was not doing any projects in 2020. ellloooollllloooooollllll!

The kitchen completely wore him out, and it was a lot having work consistently hang over our heads for months on end in that space. So I very much get that he needs a break. Buttttttt, we do have a few things that have to get done this year (including installing new floors in our basement next weekend!), plus little things that got pushed to the back back back back burner because all extra time and energy went to the kitchen in 2019 so it will be good to catch up on some of that. (Things like repair slow-draining bathroom sinks, yard work, continue to update light switches, etc.) Aaaaand I think he’s coming around to working on this back hallway space, ie building and installing a new acrylic stair rail when we replace the wide built-in shelving that currently eats into the passthrough space where I’d like to add a shallow drop-off zone.

Plus installing this gallery wall gives space to letting my kids see themselves in our home. I remember when I worked at the local Boys and Girls Club before I “retired” to stay at home with Henry (and Nelle was on the way) and grow my business. We had a meeting where we talked about ways to show club members that it truly was their club. Seeing their artwork, their projects, and photos of themselves was proven to increase self-worth, self-esteem and feelings of value and inclusion. All things I want for my own kids too and then some.

Why yes, June IS wearing a skirt for a cape/shirt here.

I had one million gallery walls in our previous home (just ask Andrew we bought them all.the.time for a while there), and white frames were my go-to so I used what we’ve had stacked up in the basement since we moved. I thought for sure these were from Ikea, but actually when I double-checked I realized these were actually Canopy brand from Walmart! You could get a similar look from so many places…Target, West Elm, Amazon, etc.

I opted for a more asymmetrical grouping than a symmetrical true grid for a couple of reasons. I like the visual interest, and think it will be even more appealing once you can see through the railing after we install the acrylic (like this if you don’t know what I’ve been eyeing for inspo), and two, I had a couple of obstacles that would have really limited my wall space if I had to stick to a grid – the light switch right by the back door and our swinging door/baby gate.

We used Command velcro strips to hang. I like how they keep everything level, the kids are going to be racing up and down these stairs with their friends now and until the end of time and I wanted the frames to be secure, and also Andrew swore he wouldn’t let me nail things into the wall in this house after repairing one million nail holes in our last house before we moved. Costco has big packs of the large velcro strips; we went through two.

Normally we would have used a level (like this one) for hanging a gallery wall, and we did to start with, but quickly realized it was hard for both of us to fit into the stairwell and work using that method so after we got the far right column hung Andrew ended up making jigs to space the frames accurately from each other, and then we could just slide the frame in next to the jigs and press to adhere the frame to the wall. Highly recommend.

As for spacing, we used a few different widths which I think worked well aesthetically since we did an asymmetrical layout. When I had everything lined out on the floor I think I had about an inch and a half horizontally between frames and about two inches vertically between frames; I think we ended up more like 2 inches between horizontally and even three in some places vertically, but it works. I tend to think gallery walls work best with closer spacing (particularly the smaller your pieces are) so I wouldn’t have gone over three inches here.

It took me more time to choose the photos I wanted framed than to actually hang everything up. (Oh! And I got all my prints from mpix.com!) All time well spent because seeing these faces as I head to the car 15x a day makes me so, so happy.

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"It's a feeling."

One of the best ways I've heard my work described.

It's like a dream you can't quite get back to, but you know was so so good because when you woke up you had a smile on your face, and you keep trying desparately to remember all of the vivid details you can be present in that in-between state for just a little more  - the warmth of being together, the sounds, the laughter...the feelings.

Here's more on what our work together could be.