holiday home tour 2020

I have always been one to wait to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but this year immediately after Halloween I got the itch and felt like we all needed the extra cheer so mid-November I brought up the Christmas tubs from the basement. Mind you, I literally just finished decorating like an hour ago. I mean most of it has been done for at least a week or so, but I just couldn’t fine the right place for the garland I used on my mantle this year and finally decided to hang it asymmetrically above our large wide kitchen window. And then the Command hooks I hung it with fell. Twice. And I had a mini meltdown and then went and got bigger Command hooks and (fingers crossed) the garland is still up.

I didn’t have it in me to shoot the garland AND write this post so instead let’s kick it off with the big girls’ room.

It is like little girl Christmas heaven in there. The dollhouse has trees and garland and twinkle lights. Everything is pink and gold and silver. The tree is from Opal House maybe two years ago at Target, and they hang their own ornaments on there (most are from Trios before it closed and Love of Character…love the felted options for littles!). The wreaths on their beds are from Target two or three years ago, and the garland is the new addition this year from Love of Character. We (as in all four girls in this house) are all obsessed with it.

I must say, I really want to paint their room white and change out their light fixture, and they’re not budging. So for now we just throw pink all over this space and go with it.

Faye’s room has the teeniest bit of decor (kind of the theme of her room…it has been a SLOOOW process putting it together), but I very much dig it.

Nothing in the above photo was in this room last year so overall 100% improvement lol. By the way, I guess I never let y’all know we finished her dresser?! It should also the metal Peace on Earth banner isn’t up anymore becauuuuuse the command strips and hooks (I tried both) fell down. Twice. Lol.

This holiday vibe though. So good. White tassel banner is Hob Lob, white trees are Target earlier this season, but the real heroes of this space are the vintage rattan ornament set my friend Kelly gifted me over the summer and the yellow wood trees (Love of Character).

And last, but certainly not least, our family room. If you’ve followed along on Insta this week you’ve seen (and heard) much of this, but gosh it has brought me so much joy this season.

I’m sure as we continue to renovate our home the holiday decor will evolve and grow. I’m itching to really deck out my dining room, but it currently serves as a dining room/bar/Andrew’s tool overflow storage, and Andrew really wants a tree in our front room so our flocked tree might get a new spot next year. I’ve been on the hunt for a vintage aluminum tree for a couple of years now, and after seeing this pampas beauty I think I can be convinced to switch up the family room next year.

Much love! xo

Family room sources: tree (Hob Lob old), stockings (Pottery Barn old), ribbon for stockings (Joann’s Fabric and Home Goods), paper trees on coffee table books (Love of Character), marble tree (Target old), both sets of hands (Home Goods old), modern trees on mantle (Hob Lob and then spray painted!), vase on mantle (H&M), tree topper (Love of Character), gift wrap (home goods for paper, wooden gift tags are Love of Character), ornaments (various), mini bottle trees (most are Target dollar spot and some Hob Lob), and peace wreath (Sunny Bay Home).

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