What’s a moment frozen in time really worth?

Watching our children grow up is this constant bittersweet juxtaposition of marveling at who they are
becoming and longing for them to stay little, to stay the way they are today for just done day longer.

And my work moves that longing into reality. When I get behind my camera, I see all the little things
you desperately want to hold on to and celebrates the moment you’re in, the season that doesn’t return, but can be stopped and revisted time and time again when you want to hear the giggles,
feel the weight of your babies on your chest and breathe them in.

As a parent, that moment is worth everything.


I work closely with each of my clients to provide an individualized, tailored experience that feels true to your family. We'll spend time together (virtually) to ensure that when we arrive at your session, you feel inspired to be completely present with your family, and in turn inspire me with how honest and adoring your unconditional love is to witness.


Investment for this artistry begins at $499. Head on over to the contact page to inquire for more details and availability on family, newborn, maternity, motherhood and fresh 48 sessions.

Some A’s to your Q’s

How far in advance should I book?

Oh gosh, the sooner the better! I really limit my shoot calendar so that I'm giving each of my clients an experience that feels exclusive, high-quality, and personalized. I've learned as a photographer that my best work happens when I have time to breathe between sessions, and give myself to really learning about you and your family instead of trying to appease every inquiry I receive.

All that to say, I'm typically booking 2-3 months in advance, with the exception of the fall season (August-November). Fall fills up almost entirely by April or May so be sure to reach out early if that's when you're interested in making beautiful photographs together.

Every once in a while I have a cancellation or a month when I'm able to squeeze in an extra shoot so do reach out to double check!

Where do sessions take place?

I'm located in Wichita, Kansas, and most of my sessions take place in or around the city. As soon as you're officially on my calendar I'm brainstorming and on the hunt for a location that is going to speak to you and your family and really bring out the best between us.

I also travel to Manhattan, Kansas and northeast Kansas multiple times throughout the year, and both areas have beautiful terrain so if you're interested in a travel session (in the aforementioned locations or otherwise) do reach out!

I absolutley adore getting to shoot in new locations so if you've already got something in mind let's make it work.

What do we wear, how long will our session last, when will I get my digital files?

You're on top of it, and I like that. Luckily, I am too. We're already a good match! I'll send over the answers to all of that and so, so much more (plus make getting your family styled and ready for the shoot a cinch, promise) via our online communication. This collaboraion is going to be gold!