hi there! let’s chat.

And not the kind of chat you get in an interview when someone asks you to "tell me a little bit about yourself". Gosh, I really despised that in my previous life when I had an out-of-home "full-time job". Now, my full-time job is mommying to three kids and one on the way. Wifing to my husband of almost 10 years. Taking care of our household, chaufering to dance class, and soccer practice, and doctor's appointments, picking up our grocery order (because it's rare you'll catch me actually in store wandering up and down aisles anymore), and squeezing in time for little slices of life that make me think, "this is the life." Because one of the most brilliant things motherhood has taught me is finding beauty in the mundane. And it's there. It's everywhere.

Things like when the sun breaks through the tree tops on a walk through our neighborhood and send sunbeam sparkles onto my face, that first sip of hot coffee in the morning, holding my husband's hand in the car, watching my babies sleep, hearing their giggles as they play in the last light of day in our backyard, feeling the weight of my youngest as she squeezes my neck in the best hugs, running my fingers through my middle's loose curls, and catching that sparkle in my oldest's eyes which is often because he has extra sparkle, aka he's super ornery.

These little things make my day. They are always the best part. The little things, the details, will take your breath away. They are elegant, and quiet, and graceful, and raw, and when you stop...really stop...and let yourself notice them, they will fill your cup.

These little things are undoubtedly my favorite images to make when I'm shooting; they're the marrow of my work. The details - the light, the moment, the connections, the movement, they slay me. They're magic.

And, I think they're magic to you too. You're after more than a pretty picture. You're after savoring this season, and seeing the joy and love and magic of the little moments shared between your people.

So if you're nodding along, instead of thinking "whoa, emotional much?", then I'm your photographer.

I'm your girl to give you the gorgeous details of your one beautiful life.

{Image of me from my dear friend Bethany Meysenburg}