Our Remodeled MidCentury Entry

The entry in our house has been on the list to tackle since the day we moved in…and nearly five years later hereeee we are – a mostly-done space that is light and airy and still feels true to the style of the home.

So much of the remodeling process in this house is simplifying without taking too much of the mid century character away.

My favorite part and the biggest impact is for sure the glass double doors. We used to leave our front door open all day to let more light in, and let the dog look out.

Opening the casement opening into our family room has made both spaces feel larger and more inviting. (Although now getting a new sofa is moving up my list of wants because ideally I’d prefer not to have guests looking at the entire back of our sectional right when they come in the door.)

(Forgot to get a true before with the casement still in place so improvised.)

I so desperately wanted to use the vintage terrazzo tile my friend Jenifer scouted for me at a garage sale, but we didn’t have enough accounting for overage so instead I got last minute inspo to use a mosaic pebble white marble, and it was serendipitous because our local Floor and Decor had just enough in stock.

Never fear, I saved the vintage terrazzo for a future project. 😉

I actually didn’t mind the original slate that was in the entry before, but it wasn’t under the carpet in the coat closet that we removed, and I didn’t love it enough to find more to keep it. Speaking of coat closets, I’ve had a couple of people ask when I’ve posted about this project before where we are keeping our coats! We have a v large closet in the hallway that has more than enough storage for them, and we don’t miss the entry closet in the slightest.

I have had the most fun finding pieces to set the tone of our house in the entry.

The white hump console table is a dupe from the cb2 version I looked at for months. I cannot for the life of me remember where I ended up ordering it from, but here she is at another retailer (the price might be a little higher?! I def got free shipping so maybe search for the exact brand/product if you’re looking around for a better deal). So happy with it, and honestly, it’s probably a better option for our fam as the cb2 version has a linen finish, and my kids are not exactly kind to furniture.

The large square art over the table is from Future Ancestor, one of my fave insta follows for vintage finds and art. The second piece across from the table is from Kirsten Shannon. Adore her and her work, and I am thrilled to have one of her pieces!! She does color so well, and I feel like this piece is so her and yet still so me too with my muted tones and neutrals.

Candlesticks are from The Workroom. I actually had a third from Love of Character that was a gorgeous amber tone, and Nelle broke it. Apparently we are not exactly kind to home accessories either lol. (They do however have other fun funky colors in stock so def check them out if you’re more vibrant in your home than me.)

The petrified wood and wood bowl are vintage, books and brass peace hand are from HomeGoods, vase is H&M, and pampas I cut out of my backyard – are you surprised lol. The rug is vintage and one of the first things I bought when we moved into this house from an insta shop which is kind of funny because red is not normally my jam in this house, but somehow it feels more neutral to me here.

When we opened up the casement between the entry and family room I reallllly lobbied for Andrew to widen the casement into the front formal living room, but he was so beyond over drywall at that point that we compromised to at least take off the casement trim.

Still need to touch up that baseboard and move over the Jungalo light fixture (this is similar to ours) I got for Christmas a few years ago, but that last 20% of the project that takes the longest will get done at some point, along with hopefully filling in a few more art pieces.

We’ve come a long way…only a few more rooms to go and then maybe some tweaks in the ones we’ve already done lol.

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