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I have many, MANY clients that as soon as their session is booked they start feeling a little frazzled about pulling together their family’s wardrobe for the annual holiday card photo.

And, I get it.

It’s hard enough for me to get out of the house without spit up in my hair right now.

(Seriously, I just ran two errands with a bit of dried crunch in my ponytail.)

However, I’m hoping this inspiration board will help reveal a bit of insight on how to pull together an early fall family look that’s not too formal, plus affordable (everything is from Old Navy and you know a sale is bound to pop up).  And most likely, you already have some great items in your closets to build from.

This board stems from pairing marigold and navy, but shows how you can work in other complimentary colors without being too overdone, but appear effortlessly pulled together.

Start with one person and build from there.

Mom’s marigold flowy shirt will photograph well, and I love when mama’s accent with something especially girly.  The fuchsia is a bit unexpected with the marigold and navy.  (I would recommend dark denim instead of the black pant shown in the picture.)

Obsessed with this baby boy outfit.  Chambray plays well with the others’ jeans and the gold cords are to die for.  They add texture and pair well with mom’s shirt.  His brown boots are probably the cutest thing I’ve seen, but I would switch out the laces for a navy pair if possible…don’t want to detract from mom’s pink earrings!

Dad’s outfit is pretty simple.  He most likely already has dark jeans, a white shirt and a casual pair of shoes.  Just add the striped cardigan and you’re set.

And, I love that sister only has pops of the color scheme in her accessories.

A couple of big takeaways:

1. Don’t be afraid to mix prints.  This family sports stripes and polka dots with no shame.

2. Add texture when you can.  Corduroy, the cable knit sweater and glitter all add interest.

3. When you limit your color palette, make sure your color is spread from head to toe, i.e. mom wears yellow on top, baby boy wears it on bottom and sister wears it on foot.

4. Layer.  Boots over jeans, add a cream or light grey shirt under sis’s sweater, etc.

You CAN look wonderful in your family photos.

And you will.

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