newborn mikey and his family of FIVE

I love this family and just couldn’t be happier for them as they’ve grown from two, to three, to four, and now five in nearly the same speed as my own crew has.

They understand the fun and noise level and mad love and even chaos that we experience on the daily, and so as I was taking these I was flooded with nostalgia…when we were them, welcoming this sweet calm once more against the juxtaposition of the big kids.

I have no doubt Jimmy and Brittany will handle it amazingly, and I can’t wait to see Mikey grow and become his own little person and soon, much too soon, toddling behind Charlie and Maddie.

They don’t stay little for long, and the quiet serene moments are harder and harder to come by.

But with these photos, it feels a bit more like this flash of newness can last forever.

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"It's a feeling."

One of the best ways I've heard my work described.

It's like a dream you can't quite get back to, but you know was so so good because when you woke up you had a smile on your face, and you keep trying desparately to remember all of the vivid details you can be present in that in-between state for just a little more  - the warmth of being together, the sounds, the laughter...the feelings.

Here's more on what our work together could be.