Planning Henry’s 7th Birthday with Basic Invite!

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My kids start talking about what they want to do for their birthday the day after their most recent birthday. The ideas change for the next 364 days, and so I just let them party plan to their heart’s content! It is easy to say, “oh, okay, yes you can have a piñata, and a jumpy jumpy house, and a strawberry cake, and fifteen other things,” when they forget almost all of it. Clearly I’m going to need to change my parenting strategy once they’re a bit older because I have a feeling they’ll actually hold me to all of these super special birthday wishes. But for now, when I have so much I have to say no to during our regular day-to-day, saying yes to these daydreams is my go to. 

So, when we started asking Henry what he wanted to do this year when he turned the big seven (HOWWWWW?!), he once again had one million ideas, and then had bit of a challenge pulling the trigger on his party theme and venue. 

I think I designed four different invitations on Basic Invite for him! The hands down best part of shopping for invitations on their site was the option to change colors with nearly unlimited color options on the designs. This made my designer heart so happy. It gave me the creative freedom to really customize his potential invitations with just the right colors. They had darling designs for seriously so many different events – wedding invites, baby announcements, shower invitations, birthday party invites, invitations with foil options, and seriously so many awesome unique graduation invitations – high school graduation picture invitations, trifold graduation invitations, unique graduation invitations, you get it! Way better than the basic, very lame graduation announcements I had when I graduated high school many moons ago.

Henry changed his mind at the last minute on the final details of his birthday, so I didn’t get to send out his paper invites. But you know what will be hitting mailboxes? Thank you notes on his personalized stationary! (This design with customized color.)  

Get 15% off now with code 15FF51! And let me know if you want Henry to send you some snail mail. He’s very into writing real mail and using all of my stamps.

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