wichita newborn photographer: ella

I had vivid flashbacks during this shoot as it’s the third time we’ve swaddled up this sweet family’s newest bundle of joy and had everyone cozy up on the bed to be take in the amazing miracle of new life, oohed and ahhed over dainty little noses, been completely smitten by fuzzy little shoulders, and just mesmerized by the rise and fall of such a perfect and precious little being.

Sweet Ella, you are one lucky and loved little lady, completely adored and welcomed with open arms.


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"It's a feeling."

One of the best ways I've heard my work described.

It's like a dream you can't quite get back to, but you know was so so good because when you woke up you had a smile on your face, and you keep trying desparately to remember all of the vivid details you can be present in that in-between state for just a little more  - the warmth of being together, the sounds, the laughter...the feelings.

Here's more on what our work together could be.