wichita photographer: march 365

I alluded to the reality of having three kids, three and under (for just a few more days…someone is about to turn the big four!) on my personal blog, and there are a lot of days…too many days really, when we’re in the middle of the post-dinnertime hustle (you know the one…clearing the table, cleaning the kitchen, bathing the kids, wriggling jammies onto squirming kids, reading, tucking in, and then letting the big kids back out for one more potty break because they always seem to just haaaave to go right after they’ve been put to bed whether they just went two minutes prior or not), and I realize I haven’t even thought about my camera or been inspired to shoot that day, and then I promise myself tomorrow.

And then hopefully, tomorrow it happens, and I need to make tomorrow happen during these upcoming summer months because there were quite a few missed days in March, April, and here May is almost gone too.

I haven’t realized in the midst of it, but this little 365 project is giving me a little time capsule of our everyday life from 2016.  So many things that happen every day, otherwise overlooked are now captured forever.

Our March, below.


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"It's a feeling."

One of the best ways I've heard my work described.

It's like a dream you can't quite get back to, but you know was so so good because when you woke up you had a smile on your face, and you keep trying desparately to remember all of the vivid details you can be present in that in-between state for just a little more  - the warmth of being together, the sounds, the laughter...the feelings.

Here's more on what our work together could be.