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Just sneaking down to my computer for a quick break from Christmasing on this gorgeous sunny Christmas Eve morning to share a recent article I was fortunate to be asked to contribute to in last week’s Holiday How-Tos section in the special Neighbors edition of the Wichita Eagle.

Author Amy Geiszler-Jones made me sound much more put together than I really was during a quick naptime interview.  Bless her.

A few of my favorite tips for capturing your favorite holiday memories in these next few days as she highlighted for readers:

  1. Get the big picture AND the details.  The mess of wrapping paper covering the room plus the tiny hands turning Christmas book pages.
  2. The holidays aren’t about perfection.  Outtakes will end up being your favorite in the years to come.
  3. Get in the shot mamas!!  (Or dads, if you are typically the memory-keeper for your family.)
  4. And my favorite…bribery for those darling dressed up for church poses.  Oh my.

Did I really admit to that?

Merry Christmas to you and you and you.

And now back to wrapping, baking, and all things we haven’t done all week as we’ve been Lysoling instead trying to prevent one case of toddler pink eye from taking us all down this holiday.

P.S. Mom, I saved you your very own copy.  You can put it on the front of the fridge this weekend.

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"It's a feeling."

One of the best ways I've heard my work described.

It's like a dream you can't quite get back to, but you know was so so good because when you woke up you had a smile on your face, and you keep trying desparately to remember all of the vivid details you can be present in that in-between state for just a little more  - the warmth of being together, the sounds, the laughter...the feelings.

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